Simulating Hitachi’s State-of-the Art Class 800

Hitachi design state-of-the-art, fully equipped trains for some of the world’s leading Train Operator Companies (TOCs). Their new Class 800 train for Great Western Railways (GWR) and Virgin Trains East Coast (VTEC), as part of their contract with the Department of Transport (DfT), required an e-learning platform that enabled all job roles to become familiar with the generic features of the new train and those specific to individual’s roles.

Hitachi wanted their e-learning for all members of the GWR and VTEC teams — including drivers, controllers, dispatchers, train managers, on-board catering and non-operational staff — to reflect the cutting-edge Class 800 and to move away from traditional, basic, learning material.

The first stage was agreeing the desired learning outcomes with Hitachi and both GWR and VTEC, which enabled 3DVSL to create a full design specification including tour routes, familiarisation quiz questions and features to be highlighted for generic safety and accessibility as well as job specific roles.

Second was the build of an accurate 3D model of the train complete with bespoke livery and features for both GWR and VTEC.

Lastly was the art of pulling it all together for delivery as interactive apps compatible with iOS, Android and Windows

Hitachi said, “As part of our contract we had clear objectives from the DfT to deliver e-learning for the new Class 800 which was accessible across all job functions and third party operators. We felt this was an opportunity to do something different and identified 3DVSL as the organisation who could deliver such an asset. Their expertise in the rail industry and ability to create unique, innovative products met our requirements exactly. 3DVSL are professional, attentive and very easy to work with. We are delighted with how the project progressed and with the new mobile simulator”.