Mobile Maintenance Simulation: Surelock points box

Surelock is the Points Drive System for metro and mainline rail applications built by Siemens (formally Invensys) and sold worldwide. Its design emphasis is on simplicity, strength and ease of maintenance however starting at 170kg and in 4ft and 6ft options demonstrating its unique features is difficult. The challenge to 3DVSL was to devise a mobile simulation that would allow engineers to interact with the point’s box, enabling them to perform actual installation and maintenance procedures including assembly and disassembly of the four independently replaceable modules: motor, drive assembly, escapement and control.

Understanding the component parts of the point’s box and their interaction both in primary and secondary functionality was essential in the development of the 3D model which was built from existing 2D CAD drawings and photographs. Working with the Invensys product team, 3DVSL mapped and specified the assembly and disassembly procedures that convey the unique modular construction of the product and its ease of maintenance. Ease of distribution worldwide was essential in being able to disseminate the information. Originally developed for PC and Mac, the simulation is now available via the web and mobile devices enabling unlimited numbers to view and interact simultaneously, in any language.

Siemens now have an easily accessible interactive simulation which allows engineers to train on installation and maintenance procedures on a variety of devices in any location.