About Us

Our range of products and services re-design training and operational data for the next generation. From the first steps to deploying mobile simulators, apps and virtual reality, we provide train operating companies and manufacturers with unique expert advice built over many years in the rail industry.

Our mobile simulators, smart apps and unique content development is designed to improve training and operations throughout the life cycle of rolling stock for both manufacturers and train operating companies.

For Manufacturers

  • Bid support using unrivalled 3D modelling solutions on mobile and virtual reality platforms
  • Ease of contract compliance using 3D assets to improve current working practices
  • Reduction in handover timescales using intuitive 3D train operating manuals (TOMs)
  • Increase the speed of customer training using train control interface simulators on mobile devices
  • Interactive fault finding smart apps that speed up maintenance training and operations

For Train Operating Companies

  • Promote new rolling stock using unrivalled 3D modelling over mobile and virtual reality platforms
  • Increase the speed of staff familiarisation using interactive 3D mobile simulators
  • Quickly build staff confidence with new train controls using simulators on mobile devices
  • Reduce classroom training time
  • Easy-to-use training, always on and available anywhere
  • Decrease operational delays using interactive fault fixing smart apps
  • Make maintenance information available at the point of need
  • Reduce skills fade
  • 3D asset delivering multiple ROI throughout the life of the traction

We are experts in the adoption of new technologies in the rail training industry. Our range of Mobile Simulators and Smart Apps are specifically designed for Train Operating Companies, Rail Manufacturers and Infrastructure Companies to deliver measurable time and cost savings.