GWR Use inTrain GMS-R To Upskill Their Train Drivers

As part of their business modernisation, Great Western Railway (GWR) identified that there was a need to upskill employees and provide easier access to e-learning material. Train drivers like to learn by physically carrying out procedures on actual equipment rather than indirectly from classroom presentations. Traditional training provided by GWR was not always engaging and, coupled with skills fade caused by long time periods between training courses, meant that there was significant scope for improvement.

GWR sought an alternative training solution to increase awareness, confidence and familiarisation with the GSM-R radio system to deliver:

  1. A simple and easy to use interface
  2. Faster and more cost-effective training
  3. ‘Always-on’ training available to all drivers, anywhere
  4. Easy to change, reset and distribute

inTrain GSM-R from 3DVSL met their criteria exactly. It provided a realistic version of the GSM-R equipment in an app, and as GWR had previously provided all train drivers with a tablet, the drivers could use the app to navigate through the various menus to test their functionality and become better acquainted and confident with the features at a time and location suitable to them. One of the biggest challenges for train drivers is understanding the correct process for using the emergency button. inTrain GSM-R replicates this and many other procedures exactly including audio alarms and feedback, allowing drivers to develop their competency regularly without consequence or direct usage of the actual radio equipment.

Integration of the inTrain GSM-R solution was easy. Working with the 3dvsl experts, a detailed specification of GWR’s exact requirements was agreed in advance and trial versions provided for review before delivery of the final app which is now preloaded on all GWR tablets and phones.

GWR said, “inTrain GSM-R is an excellent addition to our suite of e-learning products. E-Learning and Self Development Point Assessment is a key element of our business strategy going forward and the addition of apps such as inTrain GSM-R will be critical in helping drive this strategy. Previously drivers would be trained in a classroom environment and significant time could elapse between training dates. With inTrain GSM-R, the drivers can practise using the equipment at regular intervals at a time and location that suits them which benefits our business significantly in terms of reducing costs but also reducing risk. Working with 3DVSL to develop this solution for our business was seamless. The team really understand our business and the rail industry. They don’t just supply a standard product, they ensure you get a product that really works for your business and reflects your requirements exactly.”