London Underground S-Stock


Mobile Simulation: Bombardier S-Stock on London Underground SSR lines

The introduction of the S-Stock on the London Underground Sub Surface Railway (SSR), the biggest rollingstock order in British history, required hundreds of drivers and station staff to be trained on the new features months in advance of the actual train being built. The challenge was to develop accurate and easily distributable training simulations that would reduce the impact on the business and significantly enhance the change management process.

3DVSL were engaged to devise a means of developing an accurate 3D model of the train prior to its build, map and specify the operational procedures including driving and fault finding and develop an interactive easily distributable simulation that would provide pre and post implementation training to all staff simultaneously.

Gathering and compiling the required data on a train that was still in its component parts was a significant challenge, however using photographic and schematic information we developed an accurate 3D model of the train six months before its final completion.

Driving and fault finding procedures were only partially known as the train had not been completed. This required an agile development philosophy mapping procedures through multi-stakeholder data workshops which allowed us to capture and implement live design and procedural changes into the build process.

Effective design, security and ease of distribution were essential. Working with user groups within London Underground we determined a distribution strategy that met each stakeholder group’s requirement. The simulator supplied operates via multiple platforms and devices including PC, Mac, tablets and smart-phones.

The SSR simulator delivered accurate training simulations months before the train was actually completed. Providing simultaneous training to every stakeholder group via multiple platforms pre and post implementation this adaptable resource reduces skills fade whilst increasing the return on investment.

“The realism and interaction provided by 3DVSL enables us to train effectively and more often, across a wide range of applications. A highly recommended alternative to expensive, and often seldom available, simulator or real life training”, London Underground