Change Management: TBTC Northern Line

As part of the world’s largest metro upgrade programme, London Underground is implementing the Thales Seltrac40 Transmission Based Train Control (TBTC) system on the Northern Line. This is a significant change in the way drivers operate as it moves the signalling inside the cab making trackside signals only required at the boundaries of the Automatic Train Operations (ATO) migration area. With hundreds of drivers to re-train on the new procedures simultaneously the challenge to 3DVSL was to develop a suite of easily distributable simulations that allows drivers and station and depot staff to:

  • Become familiar with all the changes associated with the introduction of TBTC including Service Control, Stations, Train Cab and Trackside
  • Visualise exactly what they can expect to see as they drive the train under te new procedures
  • Familiarise themselves with the potential new defects they may face including carrying out the actual procedures and scenarios they may face
  • Learn the new depot procedures associated with the TBTC implementation.
  • Become acquainted with the new in-cab alarms they might experience when transitioning across the migration boundaries.

Mapping the TBTC installation process was essential in understanding the extent of the change being implemented and the learning interventions required. Capturing the exact environment in interactive 3D was also key to ensuring that the simulations had immediate resonance with the stakeholders. Accurate representation of the new Train Operators Display (TOD) including its interaction with the TBTC in all driving modes including Restricted and Protected Manual (RM & PM) and ATO.

Applying our flexible 3D tech philosophy to stakeholder user groups across London Underground we determined the most cost effective implementation and distribution strategy for each learning intervention including the use of interactive driving, animation and embedded teaching material.

Regular pressure testing of the simulations throughout the project ensured that customer change management expectations were continually met and design alterations enabled. The Result A flexible training resource with a continual return on investment as it easily adapts to meet new change management requirements.

The Northern line simulator delivered accurate training simulations well in advance of the TBTC implementation over a variety of platforms including the London Underground eZone intranet. This adaptable resource provides multiple training opportunities and an on-going means of managing change and reducing skills fade.

“The realism and interaction provided by 3DVSL enables us to train effectively and more often, across a wide range of applications. A highly recommended alternative to expensive, and often seldom available, simulator or real life training.”  London Underground