Virtual Train App for LNER

LNER used 3DVSL e-learning app to familiarise themselves with the Class 800 Azuma

Introducing the completely new Class 800 Azuma train to the UK’s east coast mainline was an enormous undertaking by London North Eastern Railways (LNER). It required the simultaneous training of thousands of staff across multiple job roles, against a tight delivery timescale

The supplier, Hitachi, assisted this by engaging 3DVSL to build the Virtual Azuma, a fully interactive 3D model that could be delivered as an iOS app on staff iPhones and iPads.

Working with Hitachi and 3DVSL at the early contract stages enabled LNER to influence the development of the Virtual Azuma.  This ensured LNER’s training requirements were fully included and delivered long before the actual train was available for live training.

Creating a digital twin e-learning module

Designed as a digital twin the interactive 3D Azuma is an exact model of the train, inside and out.  It can also be easily updated to reflect changes throughout the train’s life cycle. This provides a reusable asset that can be applied to multiple training applications, devices and operating platforms.

Consulting with the LNER stakeholders, including the training team and company council, 3DVSL designed detailed tours for each job role.  These roles included the drivers, train managers, dispatch, controllers and customer hosts. This enabled focused familiarisation for each team.  The module was further enhanced by quiz questions, search functionality and in-app reporting to ensure everyone had carried out the training.

The Virtual Azuma app continues to be used by LNER staff for familiarisation training.  The 3D model has also been used as a customer facing virtual reality experience to promote the arrival of the Azuma. It is a valuable re-usable asset that offers LNER significant scope and flexibility in training.

Perfect e-learning tool and guide for staff on the go!

Vicki Havron, Stakeholder Engagement Manager at LNER said, “The Virtual Azuma app provided us with an e-learning module  that could be used across the whole organisation.  Each job function (drivers, train managers, onboard) all have their own version, specific to their training requirements. The app was an essential requirement for the introduction of the Azuma. It is still widely used by individuals who have been on the training course and new recruits during their induction.

3DVSL worked closely with us to develop the app and were flexible in their approach.  They created a final product that was bespoke to our requirements, including a rebrand late in the delivery.  3DVSL also reminds us of the annual certification updates.

All in all, it’s an excellent e-learning tool and guide with relevant information that staff can use on the go.  It could also be used across the industry by anyone working on the Class 800.  There is also definitely potential to adapt it for use on other trains.”