Metro Trains Melbourne new train familiarisation app

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October 8, 2020

With new High Capacity Metro Trains (HCMT) being introduced by the Government of Victoria, the operator, Metro Trains Melbourne, wanted an innovative way of introducing the exciting new trains to their drivers. 

Metro invited 3DVSL to design an interactive 3D app that could be easily distributed to their drivers’ iPhones, highlighting the features of the new rolling stock in an engaging and user friendly way. 3DVSL are based in Scotland, some 12,000 miles away, so this project really was the definition of remote delivery.

Phased Delivery Approach

Phase 1 Working with the HCMT Change & Engagement team, we defined the desired outcomes for the app including content, features and functionality. We achieved this online using simple collaborative documentation and video conferencing, where ideas and feedback were easily shared. 

Phase 2 We focused on building the 3D model. Using design files supplied by Metro and the train manufacturer, 3DVSL built a detailed model of the train. This included external features, livery and the full cab interior. The model was built at the same time as the actual train, so the model build process had to be flexible to reflect real life changes. 

Phase 3 Testing and delivery was executed where each of the stakeholder groups were invited to provide feedback and suggest changes or additions. Metro was then provided with the HCMT familiarisation app. This included a structured tour for drivers, freeform explore mode and feature search functionality. 


The app provides Metro with both immediate and longer-term benefits including: 

  • Simultaneous distribution to all drivers enabling familiarisation with features prior to introduction of the new HCMT trains
  • An app that is easy to alter to reflect changes in real-life train features and procedures
  • By modelling the train, we created a re-usable 3D asset. This asset can be further developed for more interactive driver and operational staff training as required. 

Metro Trains Melbourne now has a user friendly app that helps drivers familiarise themselves with the new High Capacity Metro Trains.  From the initial discussions right through to design, build, testing and delivery, the project journey has been quite seamless. 

What really stands out is that by using the technology available, the whole process has been delivered remotely. This demonstrates the expertise and knowledge of 3DVSL in developing training and simulation apps for the global rail industry.