Round-up from Railtex 2017

Mobile simulator for Hitachi’s Class 800
May 5, 2017
Rail Training Design for GWR
June 20, 2017

Is Rail lagging behind other industries in terms of technology adoption?

Last week saw 3DVSL join the Hitachi Europe team on their stand at Railtex 2017, the largest rail exhibition in the UK, to demonstrate their latest mobile simulation solution for the new Hitachi 800.

Railtex 2017

This year’s Railtex was different to previous years. It was much busier and the range of exhibitors and attendees was quite different. It was surprising that Bombardier didn’t attend, however there was definitely an excellent range of manufacturers exhibiting their new innovations and designs.

The future of the industry

As a technology company developing innovative training and marketing mobile and simulation solutions for the rail industry, we were interested in how people saw future evolution of the technology. The feedback from visitors to the Hitachi stand commented on how slow the industry moves when adopting new technologies. What’s interesting though, is that the rail industry is not a slow adopter. Many other industries that I’ve looked and (and worked in) are much further behind and in many ways rail is well advanced or leading the way in using technology for training.
Feedback on our training solutions was very positive, individuals loved the fact that they could experience the features of the new train in a simulation environment on their phones and tablets. We launched our new Virtual Reality model at the show this year which went down a storm! Conversations around Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) were interesting. The industry is just starting to wake up to these type of technologies, (especially the application of Virtual Reality) but they still have a long way to go before they are widely used in the industry. We saw lots of VR and AR solutions on stands but it was being used for marketing purposes, rather than any killer apps! I’m sure things will be significantly different this time next year!
Now that my feet have had a chance to recover, I’m off to follow up on some of the interesting conversations I had last week. We’d like to extend our thanks to Hitachi for inviting us to exhibit alongside their team on their stand.

Let us know what you thought

It would be great to hear your thoughts at Railtex 2017. Did you think the show demonstrated lots of new innovative solutions? What about advancements in technology – is the industry moving quickly enough?